Coming Soon: The Blue Line Expo International

You all know I feel strongly that conversations need to be happening about the mental health of our officers. When I founded Blue Line Coaching, I wanted to make connections with law enforcement officers to have thoughtful conversations about how we, as police wives, are their first responders.

Enter Blue Line Expo International—a virtual event to bring together the global law enforcement community to discuss current trends and issues impacting our LEOs, not just in the North America, but around the world.

I decided to sponsor Blue Line Expo International to engage with LEOs by offering a perspective of law enforcement not always heard or even understood: that we, as LEO spouses and partners, also live with the trauma our LEOs endure day in and day out. We shoulder the negativity, the lonely nights, the child rearing, and all that comes with LEO life on our own. When times are really challenging, we don't know where to turn. Not only do we “support the badge” as spouses and partners, but we also pay attention to each officer to ensure their overall health is prioritized to have successful careers, relationships, and marriages.

As I’ve said before, the more times, more angles and more perspectives that can be brought to the table, the faster something can be done to change the stigmas surrounding our LEOs, prevent suicide, and save marriages! The Blue Line Expo International is an important forum on this journey.

It is my hope to remind the LEOs attending Blue Line Expo International that there is support available for their spouses and partners, like Blue Line Coaching. Although this year’s expo will be virtual, I am looking forward to engaging with the visitors to my booth by offering a perspective of law enforcement that isn’t always seen or heard: your voice as their spouse or partner.

I hope you will check out Blue Line Expo International and visit my booth on April 22!

All the best, Jen

**In addition to these important conversations, I’m excited to offer a 20% discount code for the Blue Line Coaching Empowering YourSELF 21-day self-paced coaching program for all those who visit my booth at Blue Line Expo International.

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