How does history define you?

Every March, we recognize Women’s History Month and reflect on the often-overlooked contributions of women to the history of the United States.

This got me thinking!

As I read more about the milestones throughout women’s history, I wondered how our own personal history might shape who we are as police spouses and partners.

I do believe our personal histories shape the kind of partnership we experience in our marriages. If you come from a family of LEOs and you understand what an LEO life entails, then you’ll certainly have the knowledge about the sacrifices we, as LEO spouses, must make to run our homes, support our partners, and raise our children.

But what if you don’t come from an LEO family? You really won’t have any concept of what an LEO life might look like and how you respond to its challenges and opportunities. Of course, our own personal histories influence how we handle and cope with life’s curveballs, but as an LEO spouse or partner, we often must put our own history—and our feelings—aside to support our LEOs.

Missed holidays and birthday parties.

The empty side of the bed for nights on end.

Correcting the stigma associated with LEO marriages (which we all know are related to high rates of divorce, infidelity, and abuse).

Constantly analyzing our LEOs to identify a potential mental health concern.

Praying our LEO will come home at the end of call.

It’s a lot to bear, but how we respond to these challenges defines our history and shapes the history—and the memories—of our own children and their childhood, too!

How does your history define you as an LEO wife?

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