World Health Day

As I write this today, April 7, 2021, it strikes me that humans are, truly, one global family. The unimaginable challenges, stresses, and pain of the past year touched every person on Earth in ways we never could have imagined.

For LEO’s and their spouses already facing unimaginable challenges and stresses in their daily lives, I feel the added burden of the pandemic is a catalyst for change. It shone a glaring spotlight on the issues of mental health and well-being of our law enforcement population and showed us gaps where we have failed to provide our LEO’s the support and resources they so desperately need.

I think things are tiptoeing in the right direction. A few states have begun drafting legislation to provide mental health assistance and workman’s compensation to LEO’s. Awareness of the issues facing LEO’s is spreading outward as the lessons from the past year sink in. We as spouses need to keep that momentum moving forward, continuing to question, reach out, push back, and advocate for our LEO’s to get them the assistance they need to counteract the daily mental health stresses they bear.

After a year of working together as a global family to contain and protect ourselves against the COVID-19 virus, countries, cities and towns around the world are opening up again. I think we finally see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. We need to keep that light shining on our LEO’s.

All the best,


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